Welcome to our guide to having your wedding photographed...

Hello! If you have chosen us to photograph your wedding then that is completely amazing… thank you!!

Most people now ask us what happens next so we put together this guide to being photographed by us. It should cover everything but if there is something missing that’s on your mind do just give us a shout…

Cheers, Seb & Dave.

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Things you need to tell us once you have booked us

We will need to know the following thing straight away:

- Your current postal address. (so we can send the paperwork to you)

We will need to know these things a little closer to the wedding:

- Addresses on the day (especially the post codes) of anywhere we may be expected to  visit during the time we are photographing  you.

- Times. We will need  to know the time that you will be starting to get ready in the morning and the time of the ceremony.  Other times for the day are helpful  but less  critical than the first two.

- A rough idea of how many group shots you may be wanting so we can help you allocate time.

- Any ideas you have for very specific or special shots that would not be covered by our normal reportage style or that are not mentioned in the approximate shot list (see Key Shots We Always Take)

Other than that we are usually happy to turn up on the day and start shooting with minimal briefing - it tends to be how we work best!

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We only have one package, we love to keep things simple.


We ask for a 10% deposit to be paid when the contract is signed and returned. This can be paid by cheque or BACS payment. All the relevant information on how to pay is set out at the bottom of the contract.

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Once you have decided which package you want to go for we will send the appropriate contract and package details to you so we will need your postal address.

Do have a good read of the contract and make sure you are happy with it. Getting our i’s dotted and t’s crossed will help prevent any miscommunication and ensure we all  understand the services we provide and (more importantly) that you’re paying for.  

There will be two copies of the contract. Please sign and return one in the envelope provided and keep the other for your records.

If for any reason you need us to send you a digital copy of the contract do just email. We can send it to you as a  PDF.

We are always happy discuss any aspect of the contract.

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Planning for photography during the day

Sometimes people ask us how much time  needs to be set aside for photographs. This very much depends on the following things:

How many group shots you want?

Did you want to a shoot with just the two of you?

Did you want a big group shot of all the guests?

Let’s take each in turn:

Group shots. The most usual arrangement is for us to take a few shots of you two plus very close family (Mums & Dads) immediately after the ceremony (outside the church for example). We then do the main batch of group shots (uncles, aunties, 4th cousins and so on) back at the reception venue. If you let us know how many of this kind of shot you’d like done we can tell you roughly how long to set aside for it. Generally about half an hour does the trick but it really does depend on how many you want doing.

It helps if you give the list of shots to a confident member of the bride or grooms party. They can then help us to get the correct people together quickly and efficiently. We have no idea what the people on the list look like so it makes sense for us to have shepherd that can put faces to names. We basically need your most confident friend.

A shoot with just the two of you. It’s nice to have some shots of just the two of you. Quite often couples plan to stop off somewhere between ceremony and the reception venue - say for example at the beach. We make this as relaxed as possible and try to keep posing you to an absolute minimum. If you have this sort of thing in mind we usually recommend allowing at least half an hour but forty minutes tends to be the average.

Big group shot. If you want us to take a big group photograph with all your guests in it just let us know and we’ll get it sorted. It usually comes down to us looking for the best place to do it. This is almost impossible to plan in advance as it depends so much on where the sun is at the time we do it. We've got pretty good at working it out on the fly. Factor in ten minutes tops.

If you don’t want us to do any of the above we completely understand and are happy to shoot reportage all day long. In fact, we love doing that.

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Key shots we always take.

We often get asked if we need a list of shots (other than group shots) for the day. As well as shooting documentary style all day we do have a number of key shots firmly drummed in to our minds that we will always do our absolute best to get. The list I have made below is a guide only as each wedding is unique and could never have anything as drab as a standard shot list applied to it!

Bride & Groom party prep shots

The dresses and the suits as well as all the trimmings

The flowers

The getting the dress done up

Cars Arriving

Guests arriving

The nervous groom

The first time the groom sees the bride and tries really hard not to cry then fails

The rings

The kiss

The first walk through the congregation as husband and wife

The relief and elation of a couple walking out of the church in to the sunshine

Spontaneous confetti throwing

Any group shots you want at any time

All the details in the reception

The cake or towers of cheese




A moment’s reflection

Old friends

New friends

The love in the room

Your story

People often tell us that we have caught moments that they would simply never have remembered and that they are the most precious photographs. That is more important to us than any shot list.

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Pre-Wedding Shoots.

Pre wedding shoots are a great opportunity for us all to get to know each other and for you to see how we work as well as for us to find out what you do and don’t like. Our clients always tell us on the wedding day that they are glad they did the pre-shoot.The vast majority of couples we shoot tell us that they are really not  keen on being photographed. Pre-shoots seem to take away  the photo-nerves that can add to the stress of a wedding day.

The location of the shoot can be your choice, maybe its a place where you proposed or maybe a place of family importance, its up to you. we are always happy to recommend a location as Dorset and its surroundings has a lot to offer. location sorted, then we meet up and spend a couple of hours taking pictures, wandering around and generally having a lot of fun.

You are free to bring dogs, children, friends, family or anyone or anything else you’d like to be photographed its entirely up to you.

Things book up fast so it's a good idea to get a date (and a reserve date in case the weather is looking rubbish) in the diary as soon as possible.  During the summer months we are always happy to book weekday evenings as long as the light lasts.

We can arrange for images from the pre-shoot to put in to large signing mounts if needed - just ask for details.

 Full shoot details available on our price page

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If you would like an album that’s no problem. We don’t push the sale of expensive wedding albums because there are so many ways for you to use the digital images we give you to make your own album. There are many great of sites like photobox and lovebook that are inexpensive and make producing your own albums super easy (and it’s great fun!). We can of course make an album for you, just let us know your requirements and we’ll get it sorted. Albums can be ordered and paid for at any time. Prices start from £200.

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